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H.H. Hansen, C. Kupke, and R.A. Leal. Strong Completeness for Iteration-Free Coalgebraic Dynamic Logics. Technical report: ICIS-R14001, August, Radboud University Nijmegen, 2014.

We present a (co)algebraic treatment of iteration-free dynamic modal logics such as Propositional Dynamic Logic (PDL) and Game Logic (GL), both without star. The main observation is that the program/game constructs of PDL/GL arise from monad structure, and the axioms of these logics correspond to certain compatibilty requirements between the modalities and this monad structure. Our main contribution is a general soundness and strong completeness result for PDL-like logics for T -coalgebras where T is a monad and the program constructs are given by sequential composition, test, and pointwise extensions of operations of T.

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