This is the central portal to the iCIS Publication Management System (PMS).
About a decade ago it was intended to be the only system for keeping track of publications by iCIS members. In particular, it was the dedicated system for creating new technical reports.
However, this system has been abandoned and is only kept available for retrieving old publications.

Apart from security updates in the underlying framework, it is not supported anymore.
If you have questions about it, please contact Engelbert Hubbers.

Digital Security (DiS) Research Publications

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Marko van Eekelen, and Bernard van Gastel. Analysing energy consumption by software. Technical report: ICIS-R16001, November, Radboud University Nijmegen, 2016, TACLe Summerschool Lecture Notes, Yspertal 2016.

Energy consumption is analysed for systems that are controlled by software.

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